Meet Rock 'N' Ry

TeArrace Sherman

       TeArrace is a strong and independent mother of a beautiful 5 year old princess. All her credentials are medical related, but she says there is no better credential than being a mother. She is extremely passionate about being a great mother and raising her young queen. Therefor, she created Rock 'N' Ry to serve as a venue to be able to express that passion. 
   One thing she loves is loving and caring for children, even those that aren't hers. She believes every child deserves and needs all the love, attention and guidance they can get. To be strong and secure children that are able to stand up and speak up knowing who they are! So she strives to serve as the rock and shoulder to lean on for our young kings and queens. 
     She'll be sharing hardships, and lessons learned and taught trying to raise a young queen!..

Riley D. Sherman

     Meet Riley Danielle! The spunky 5 year old kindergartner was born April 30. Riley is an amazing young lady with plenty of personality. She has so many interests that it keeps her busy. One of her hobbies that drives her mom crazy most days are the "tricks" she plays on her [lol]. Outside of her humorous personality she loves cosmetics. She loves making herself over and feeling "beautiful." (Although mom lets her know on a daily how beautiful she is). From picking out her hairstyles to her finishing touches of "per-foom," [her voice]. But on top of that Riley is on the all "A" honor roll at her school, who loves to read. She has bumped up a grade in her testing and she has great citizenship skills.

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