Hey there royal family and a Happy New Year!

I wanted to go ahead and give my input on this whole R. Kelly thing since I am the mother of a young queen. 

I will also start by saying I have yet to see the docu-series, honestly I don't want to or think I will.

If you're unaware, recently a documentary was released called
 "Surviving R. Kelly" 
with multiple women sharing their truths on their situations with him.

I have seen and heard plenty different sides.
I see the internet going back and forth.
I hear the radios with their opinions and their stories.
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I have a young daughter, and to imagine any man taking complete advantage of her sickens me to my knees. 
I have heard people say R. Kelly is wrong which is 100% true. 
Then I have heard a few people saying they blame these women's parents.

  1. I agree with any ill feelings towards R. Kelly.
    1. He is wrong!!
    2. He is disgusting!!
    3. He needs help!!
    What person in their right mind would want the sexual affection of a teenage girl?
    Men are bred from women, raised by women, fed by women, and yet you destroy their innocence?
    What kind of satisfaction can really come from that?
    He's wrong no matter the state of mind of the girls. 

    We can all agree at one point in our life we have been "brainwashed" by some man we thought "loved us.

    So for anyone to blame these girls are wrong. 
    Everyone goes through learning and growing.
    If you were never taught you can't know and you can't learn if you never experience.
    So it is easy for any GROWN man to come in and manipulate the mind of a young girl.

    This falls in with the other thing I have been hearing, 

    This morning, over the radio I heard Master P saying he also blames the parents. 
    1. It is your job to help them 

    2. It is your job to guide them
    3. It is your job to nurture them 
    4. It is your job to teach them
    It is your job to make sure your daughter OR son doesn't have to seek "love" and "attention" from some grown man/woman.
    Teach them to know what’s ok and what’s not.
    What not to keep in. Build a firm trust so that you will become their secret box.
    Build a relationship.
    Build them up to be secure so they’ll know how far to go. 

    So I agree, the parents are to somewhat blame. 
    Like Master P said, if my baby in some place with some grown ass man I'm not knocking on windows and throwing rocks, I'm going to war for mine and trying to help remove her from any situation. 

    Abuse is deep and sometimes you can't see it from the outside looking in. 
    So be there for your kids, talk to them and teach them. 
    Sex trafficking has become common in our young girls and it starts off by a predator pretending to love you. 
    Show them real love so they don't become confused on whats really real.

    Don't forget to check out The Queens Only podcast on
    This week's segment was called Cancelled: Surviving R. Kelly.


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