7 Day Fast: Day 4


Hey royal family, welcome back!

If you started from day 1 then you'll know all about it, but just in case...

I decided to participate in a 7 day fast.
Under the guidance of
Pastors William and Danielle Murphy of
The rules of the fast are as follows:
  1. Liquids only until 4pm & after 8pm
  2. (1) meal between 4pm and 8pm
  3. Pray the first 8 minutes of your day...(start with praying throughIT)
  4. Meditate on the corporate focus for the day, journal before and after waking up.
  5. NO sweets, pop, sex outside of marriage, no swearing, no smoking, no saying anything negative

Today's corporate focus is as follows:

       ....asking the Holy spirit to remove the fear of sharing our story with the unchurched, and to give us the influence to win them to Jesus.

The task was to share your story with someone and invite them to church. I did invite a few people to service with me but sad to see I didn't make it myself.

You have to be careful who you share your life with. The devil can disguise himself in many different pieces of clothing. Speak it to God if you have no one in your life. Allow him to be the one that'll help see you through clearly.

Often times I am afraid to share my stories because we have the nay sayers and the negative nancy popping up to try and stop whatever it is that is trying to come from you!

Do it first and then allow God to share the story for you!

Until next time folks!

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