7 Day Fast: Day 3


Hey royal family, welcome back!
If you started from day 1 then you'll know all about it, but just in case...

I decided to participate in a 7 day fast.
Under the guidance of
Pastors William and Danielle Murphy of
The rules of the fast are as follows:
  1. Liquids only until 4pm & after 8pm
  2. (1) meal between 4pm and 8pm
  3. Pray the first 8 minutes of your day...(start with praying throughIT)
  4. Meditate on the corporate focus for the day, journal before and after waking up.
  5. NO sweets, pop, sex outside of marriage, no swearing, no smoking, no saying anything negative
Day 3:
Asking Holy Spirit to have his way in and through our families and church families.

This morning I prepared myself better for my liquids only up until 4pm.
 I grabbed me some health and nutritious smoothies along with some Gatorade that'll keep me replenished and hydrated. I cannot forget the water.
 I have 1L of that as well. lol Its tough, and it is my first fast but I'm trying!

It was a good day.
It seemed like my body was catching on.
 My spirit pushed me to pray through situations and then there’s the swearing!
I’m trying y’all I really am lol.
 I’m catching myself and paying more attention to what I let come out my mouth.
Every day is smoother!
The more obedient you are the easier it is made out to be!
I’m so thankful!

Thank you all for reading!
Until next time! 

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