7 Day Fast: Day 1


Hey guys!
So I have been following this church VIA internet lately.
Watching the sermons, tuning in to events, etc.

I haven't belonged to a church in years and I have been wanting to find one so bad lately.
So I was told about
  Dream Center of Atlanta; Lead Pastor William Murphy, First Lady Danielle Murphy,
 from someone who was also new here and seeking a church home.
I'm not big on the Baptist churches, and those forcing the word down your throat, so I was on the search for a non-denomination church

Listed above is the link to the church, it is one amazing place from what I see.
If I can feel the spirit through the live services, I can just imagine what the in person experience would be like.

So upon following them and everything they do, I notice they were beginning a fast.
I have never been on a fast, but reading it I knew I needed it!
For those unaware, a fast is the abstinence of something.

The rules of the fast are as follows:
  1. Liquids only until 4pm & after 8pm
  2. (1) meal between $pm and 8pm
  3. Pray the first 8 minutes of your day...(start with praying throughIT)
  4. Meditate on the corporate focus for the day, journal before and after waking up.
  5. NO sweets, pop, sex outside of marriage, no swearing, no smoking, no saying anything negative

Day 1:
Asking the Holy Spirit to increase and sharpen our prayer life.

I made it through my day as I said this prayer along with Dream Center of Atlanta on Instagram:

“FATHER, I THANK YOU for breaking that needy spirit off my life! I THANK YOU for teaching me how to be alone, and how to appreciate solitude and peace in my personal space. I PRAISE YOU today for walking me to a place where I no longer need to be needed, and I no longer have to have people around me just so I won’t be alone. THANK YOU!
Today, I confess…”I’m HAPPY with JESUS alone!” I’m good, even if it’s just me and YOU. I’m content with being with YOU, and with the JOY and SAFETY of YOUR PRESENCE.

Today is day one for me and boy am I hungry lol! 
I cannot wait until 4pm.
I woke up praying this morning.
I haven't had any sweets, soda, or said anything negative.
 No sex outside of marriage is a piece of cake for me lol!
I said one swear word, damn! lol
I honestly feel its best I keep quite because swearing usually falls out of my mouth.
Any who, I am extremely excited for this journey.
I pray for the strength to pull through and I can't wait to spend more time learning myself on a more in depth level.
Join me Daily as I blog my journey.
Thank you all and pray for me as I pray for you! 
Until Next Time

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