What my daughter should know


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Our daughters are our baby girls
our sweethearts,
our princesses.
Our baby girls are growing up and that puts us in some tricky positions. (places hand on forehead)
Wanting them to know we're there for every change and developing interest and passion.
On the other hand wanting to instill raw truths and Christ driven values that'll take her through life. 
Some ways we can make this happen is to, 

1. spend time together
2. pray together
3. learn together

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The yearning closeness comes from seeking their hearts
Being interested in their day, their thoughts, their fears, hopes, dreams, passions. 

I ask my daughter questions everyday, in every way lol!
I need to know that the one God placed on this earth for me to look after is getting by. 
I always wonder, what she doing, or thinking or even feeling. 
Our girls need us to ask them questions.

Sometimes her answers to my questions are
 "such and such doesn't want to be my friend." 
"Such and such was mean"
"Such and such said I think I'm cute"

Not wanting to be your friend is not your problem. (it's plenty fish in the sea)
If they're mean, stay away from them before mommy goes to jail. (lol) No for real!
And baby, you are cute, tell them that and walk away!
It's a test for me at times because I don't want anyone being mean or harmful to her but I have to steer her in the right direction.

Here are a few things that I let my daughter know,

1. Some people will never like you. Don't worry about it. That's their problem.
2. Kill them with kindness.
3. You were beautiful way before anyone told you.
4. Don't let mistakes define you, & don't dwell, learn from them.
5. Appreciate everything and be grateful for all you have.
Last but not least 
6. You are the most beautiful girl in the world.
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Until Next Time!!

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