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Let me tell yall something,
 one thing about me is that the favor of God is all over me.
 It doesn’t matter what I face I always get through it

I was raised not to worry, so ANYTHING...and I do mean ANYTHING
that I come to or go through...that’s the one thing I never do.

God is always so good to me.

I’m telling y’all being down here in Atlanta......
 well I don’t live in Atlanta (I hate when people move to Georgia and say they live in Atlanta)
 but anyways to Georgia(lol).
Every since I moved here I’m telling you I have been coming to some things & been going through some things that I’ve either number one never encountered before or number two never had to encounter alone.

Everything that I’ve been doing I’ve been doing 90% on my own.
 I get help from others when I can, I get help from others when I really need, but everybody is at least at least a minimum of 30 minutes from me.

So, my car right, I love my car, very thankful for my car, I thank God every day for my car!
It’s a very good car but you know everything got some flaws in it.
 So I got a few leakage glitches in my windshield.
 Now now, I have my rainy day money for this rain here that I’m going through but I don’t have hurricane money lmbo.

So in Georgia it rains a lot, for a week at a time at least.
 And Friday on my way to take my baby to daycare in the middle of the rain my windshield wipers just stopped working! 
So that day I had to call into work and I had to call her off at school. 
That day after it stopped raining I went and I stayed over my sisters house,
& anywhere we went she told me I could drive her car or she will drive
(god bless her soul lol)

So thank God the next day it didn’t rain.
 We helping my sister & brother in law move into their beautiful, BEAUTIFULl town home, that I am so happy for her to have!
We moved into it & we stay the night with her after helping unpack and helping her get settled you know how we do.
So come Sunday, Riley and I get ready to leave. 
We’re checking the weather and we notice it’s supposed to rain for the next 3 to 5 days consistently!
At this point the car was the last thing I'd worry about because
 he may not come when you want him to, but he is always on time.

So she’s like 
"if you want you can just take my car" 
(lump in my throat)
 Because one thing that I’ve been working on is being too prideful!
I don’t often like seeking help so I’m so, SO grateful.
so grateful that God gave me a mother to instill such greatness in us siblings 💗💙
 Teaching us such such great qualities,
 and raising us to always be there for each other no matter what!

 I’m thankful that those qualities have been permanently instilled in my sister!
I thank God for my family every day in every way!!
We are always there for each other no matter what!
 No matter the circumstances! 
No matter the tone of voice! 
No matter the amount of money in our pocket!
 Love at the end of the day is really all that matters!
 Being there for each other at the end of the day is all that matters! 

So here I am now,
 driving in the rain with a lump in my throat,
thanking God.
 Thankful as can be that even though sometimes I feel alone I am not alone. 

One reason I do believe that God is always so good to me is 
because no matter what, what anyone may think
 of my attitude, how I talk, how I look,
 whatever the case may be,
 I do nothing but good onto people.
I have a good heart.

 [I’m not going to say I like everybody, but one thing I never do is mistreat anyone.
You'll know I don’t like you but I’ll never mistreat you!]

So I’m just thankful that we are close, that we have such great love you know!

 I may not always know what I’m going to do next,
 but like I said in the beginning,
 I don’t worry because God is always there for me.
 He always makes a way for me and it always works out in my favor.
Mom always said
 "greater is later"
 It's not always good but it does get better!


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  1. One thing I’ve learned is Pride will kill you! We all need help at some point baby😘


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