It’s never too early!


                                                           IT'S NEVER TOO EARLY
I remember growing up and I would hear slick comments about my mother being our friend.
“She’s trying to be your friend more than your mother.”

 Growing up I then realized the best way to build a relationship is to first have a friendship to form and build a trust. 
I never felt my mother was just my friend, but being a mother you’re obligated to play many roles, friend being one of them.
You have to be able to kick it with your child with no back lash, anger or mixed up feelings.
With her doing that we created an unbreakable bond.
I don’t feel ashamed to speak with her about anything.
 I trust her to handle my emotions and my life.
 She opened up every part of her so that we would feel like we didn’t need to run to the next person, male or female when we feel a lack of something.

At 27, with a child of my own we have the best friendship ever.
Never get it twisted though, because I am always a mother first.
Children need to know and feel that they can trust you, that you believe in them and that there isn’t a thing you wouldn’t do for them.

Riley and I have the times of our lives together.
I kick it with her like she’s my sister, I teach her right from wrong, I build her up especially when she feels down, and I protect her down to the tiny bones in her toes.

I protect her and nurture her as a mother should and show her the way of life.
 I hold no secrets in return she holds none from me.
 I am completely honest no matter the level or emotion forth coming it has on either of us.
Whatever she faces we face together. 
That is all there is to it.

So when I say it’s never too early I mean it’s never too early if it’s something you feel is necessary for your child to know, learn or experience.
 In this day and age our children are being taken from us more and more each day.
 Rather by mistaken death, illness, suicide, and even abduction.
 Educate them on the everyday battles of life, on the issues that arise in young children and in African American children.  

I have a friend whose daughter is the same age as Riley.
Recently she received a devastating call regarding a comment her daughter made in school,

“I want to kill myself.”

I felt for her as we talked and she cried because not only do we carry our baby’s emotions the last thing we want is for anything to happen to them.
Sometimes even though they are small, you have to get to the core of them.
Be sure to stay engaged, ask them how their days are, ask them about their friends, the things they learn and most importantly make them feel like they can come to you for any and every little thing.

Suicide has become common in our young African Americans
and we need to make sure we are there for them.
 Loving them and securing them!
No question is too big or too grown!
You rather them learn things the correct way from you or the wrong way from the world? 
 You can lead them but the rest is up to them at the end of the day!
Be there for your kids and be active in their life while still allowing them to be children!
Until Next time!

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