Mommy has to have a life too!



We all know as hard working individuals, 
that we don't often take the right amount of time to care for ourselves. 
Day in and out I'm literally taking care of others, 
out in the world and at home.
Don't get me wrong, I love it!
 But in between time when there is no one to take care of you, you have to take care of yourself. 

So guys like I never go anywhere. I'm not exaggerating, lol! I haven't met many people nearby and I get so shy to go places alone!
I been here 6 months and I have quite frankly grown out of being bored all the time. 
While I like being bored (lbs), 
I just need some fun every now and then. What human doesn't?
It's good for you, and its not healthy to always be alone!
So over the weekend this mommy here stepped out of her shell.

Top Secret Dance Fitness

I went to a sweat it out (twerk) dance fitness class.
All year I've wanted to go and I am so happy that I did!
The instructor, Jamel, is an instructor from Miami that takes this class from there to Atlanta, to Houston, New Orleans and other places.

{the aftermath}

Now I haven't danced in YEARS! You hear me?! lol
I've been dancing for as long as I can remember,
 and I used to dance in high school so I wasn't worried about that part. 
But baaaaby I thought for sure that I would pass out or something. 
Honestly though, it wasn't bad at all and I had a ball!! 
I even stepped my shy behind in the middle of the crowd and performed.
 Needless to say I think I still got it!
And I have been sore as ever!

Lipstick & Mingle: All Pink Edition

As you may or may not know,
 my very own sister is one of the most dedicated entrepreneuHERs that I know.
Marketing, branding, lipstick line, events, and the list goes on!
She put together a self care brunch for quite a few wonderful ladies that she's met along the way.
We all dressed pretty in pink and joined one another at 
Southern Gentlemen's.
It was a very nice and peaceful place for brunch. 
The menu changes and was kind of short, none the less, this salad got the business (lol).

Along the way Terrace had folders put together with a few self care reflection tools.
I surely missed my baby but I definitely enjoyed being able to do something for me for once.
Special thanks for having me sister! 
You can check out more about the brunch as well as her services and upcoming events below!

We all work hard and do everything necessary to survive.
But we're not living to work we're working to live.
So live your life and have a little fun for yourself every now and then.
It's good for you👍

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