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I don't know how many parents may be aware of JoJo Siwa, but lately I've been hearing all great things about her {lol}
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She's a young American, singer, dancer, actress and youtube personality! And we all know how our kids love youtube these days!
My child absolutely adores JoJo!

I've seen this young lady appear on a few things but never knew how big she's gotten,especially to the youth.

Every other day it's "JoJo Siwa"
"JoJo Bow"
And any giant bow is a JoJo bow
I must admit though she has some pretty cool bows!
Girls' JoJo Siwa Glitter Bow Hairclip - Silver
(Available in Claire's)

So Riley has been needing some shoes, and you'll never guess what kind I came across!
That's right, JoJo Siwa!
I would've never thought they had shoes and I was more than excited to take her to get them.

When I picked her up from daycare I was so excited to tell her and once I did she squirmed all through her seat, with an uncontrollable smile on her face!
As she kisses my hand she smiles and says
"I'm just so happy, I can't believe it! Your'e the best mommy ever because I love JoJo!"

Check out our trip to the store at the link provided above or click "Ry Vlogs" in the menu tab!

Making her day always makes mine! 
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