Break through not down


Sometimes I think to myself and wonder was this the right move for me! 
Why do I ask myself?
 I’ve come in contact with a few battles or two, but who doesn’t right? 
But now that I’ve let go of my moms boob and became 100% independent in everything I’ve become flustered.

I moved to Georgia for a better life, which by the way has been the best but being situated is where it gets complicated!
Upon moving I was a participant of the Housing Choice Voucher program which is commonly known as “section 8.” 
Section 8 is a government funded housing project that assists with rental payments and utility assistance if needed for those at a certain income level.
 Now as you may think sometimes to receive any government “benefits” you have to be doing little to nothing right? Although they make you feel that way that is not true!
 There was never a time I worked less than 40 hours a week in over 4 years and their assistance to me was a $62-monthly payment. 
Although I was very grateful for that. 
I was always told “use it as something to fall back on.” 
Each time I’m thinking fall back? That’s the last thing I want to do. 
Yes it comes in handy for when you may fall on hard times and lose your job. 
But being the hardworking and dedicated woman that I am, I never planned to
 “fall on hard times.” 

Moving here, they gave me the biggest run around just to end up telling me they can’t afford to pay for where I’ve chosen to reside. 
I was never too excited to be on this "assistance" from jump,. because our focus was to always
 break generational curses! 
And to be honest I was embarrassed to even say it!
But it sounded good at the time and it was beneficial for the situation that I was coming out of!

 Long story short, because I came here to seek opportunities and better our lives. 
To give my daughter somewhere she could grow and prosper, & that was the last thing that I would allow to hold me back. 
So with only two weeks left until my last extension expired, I decided to let go! 
No thank you! You can have your assistance. You will not get all up in my business, bank accounts, assets, pass false judgement & tell me what’s acceptable to reside only to provide me with $62 a month! 
No thank you! Kiss my ass!!

So now it' up to me to work hard and make this life that the two of us have been dreaming of for so long!

 Before moving Riley here I applied for childcare assistance! Here it is August and I’ve been told that I don’t qualify because without me being in one of many “priority groups” (domestic, homeless, special needs child, grandparent adoption, work min. 24hrs/week,etc) that I over qualified lol! 
So you mean to tell me although I pay all this rent, drive all this way, work all these hard hours and single parent that i can’t get help?
 It’s like they set it up so we want to fail and want to need them.
 They want us to be down bad before they help us.
 Instead of actually helping those who are actually trying their hardest to help themselves. 
But I don’t need them and I definitely won’t beg, lie, scheme or scam to get help from a bunch of nosey, inconsiderate strangers who could care less about us. 

It's pretty sad that one should even have to go to such depths when it took two to create.
I shouldn't have to seek anyone else's financial assistance when the other "parental" party claims to have so much money! 
I now have picked up every off day I have, to make sure that not just myself but that Riley never falls short of anything!!!
 I shouldn’t have to do it alone, no one should. 
Is it hard? 
Most days but this love and bond out weighs anything I could ever encounter!

All this to say, don’t let what others won’t do stop you or affect the way you do anything. 
You have got to move with the beat of your drum and if your beat is picking up you’ve got to pick it up.
 Push hard and go harder!
My drums have turned in to snares and my mind has been all over trying to catch this beat.
 It took my denial to feel like I had something worthy of blogging about!
Breaking generational curses are,
 not going through, doing, or dealing with what your parents, & their parents and so forth dealt with. 
Go do things different than them. 
Seek opportunities they wish they could have! 
Work harder than their bodies have allowed. 

God's doing a new thing and he’s giving me all the things I never wanted in the first place! But he told me that’s not where I stop that’s just the leap across the puddle. 
If it’s one thing I’ve learned it’s how to make it! 
And that it always gets greater later!


  1. I am extremely proud of you for making the tough decisions behind closed doors and being transparent enough to share these experiences with the world. You are so amazing girl! I know Riley is one proud daughter!

  2. She took the words right out of my mouth...Extremely proud!! We don’t always do what we want to but we do what we have to! As long as you keep GOD 1st everything else will line up!! Plus I think your support team is pretty dope����


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