Hang On!



Please forgive me for I have neglected my blog! 
These past few weeks have been very exhausting for me.
But none the less I feel as complete as can be.

On June 11, 2018 my baby girl graduated kindergarten and was promoted to the first grade! She was given awards for her marvelous grades & test scores. Not only did she past her test, she exceeded her goals for the year. That is correct. My baby tested off the charts.

On June 12, Riley finally became a Georgia peach. The both of us couldn't be any more happier. The moment we arrived we signed our lease and tried to adapt to our changes.
I will be the first to admit and say that these adjustments have not been a piece of cake. I haven't even had to time to enjoy any cake (lol). 

I've been on go mode for the past month and haven't had the time to keep up with myself. One morning I'm dropping her off & all the uneasiness that has been hovering over me began to surface. I'm the kind of person it takes a while for me to come to terms with my emotions and realize how I feel, & what is exactly causing it. I was so busy, working, traveling, packing moving, unpacking, and working more that my mind & body were off track.

As I cried that morning, it was like the tears were projecting my worries.

"did you make the right move?"
"what will you do now?"
"who's going to look after Riley?"
"how will you balance life?"
Any fear or worry was falling all over my lap. 

So when I'm feeling down I resort to Jessica Reedy's, Transparent album and listen to "I Know" which references Jeremiah 29:11. Following that song the next one on the track really spoke to me. Her mother joined the track and the title is "Hold On."

"Hold on just a little while longer, be strong, because it's going to get better, don't quit"

Everything I endure is all a test of faith, & I wasn't created to worry or fear & God made sure he reminded me.

Here I was past obstacle number one, overwhelmed & filled with fears, worries, what ifs, & "I wonders." 
This move has been life changing for us, adapting has been a challenge, and coming to terms that I am 100% on my own has been a challenge as well. Not being able to have the convenience of my mother to be there for my baby. This shit is real lol but it's been worth it!

We gain victory through our faith & defeat the enemy!
(1John 5:14)

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