Change Is Hard


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Soon as I moved in I automatically did the number one thing I couldn’t wait to do, and that’s post my affirmations, manifestations and goals.
 At first I wasn’t doing them much but lately I’ve been doing them
 and doing it like I mean it! 
Responding to myself and actually putting my mind to the test. 

So lately I’ve been feeling in this trance.
 I haven’t been able to sleep. I literally get up every hour on the hour. 
I haven’t had an appetite so I haven’t been eating and my fluid intake hasn’t been what it was either.
 I have no energy and I’m nothing but sleepy but I can’t rest!
And I haven’t been able to breathe, literally. Like having panic attacks on the highway.
So I got hooked on this song “dear future me” and I listen to it everyday.
Pandora wasn’t playing it enough so I downloaded it.
And at this point it’s playing at least 10 times a day minimum!
So I’m driving home from work one evening and I’m playing it, over and over and over for at least the first 20 min.
 So I’m feeling it more and more by then!
Starting it over further from the end each time like there was a message I was decoding.
And guess what believe it or not, there was!
Now some may believe the feeling or not but it’s a first time experience for me.
 I haven’t been able to eat, sleep or breathe because I’m hungry for the wrong things!
God forced me to fast until I realized what I should, and can do!!
Over the past 24 hours I’ve spoken to what seems to be two great Kings who gave me insight on the 2 things I want,
 a career and a home of my own!
 It gave me a good push of motivation!.
 It’s like God said It’s time to pour out those things that are holding you down so you can realize how to move forward.
I've been asking for the next step, wondering and couldn’t for the life of me figure it out.
 Always listen to your intuition, it's there to guide you!

Hope this encouraged someone. I have now taken my next step to my future and look forward to sharing along the way!

Until next time!!!

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