27 & Wingin' It


27 & Wingin' It
{I'm not yet 27, but I will be in 5 days (June 6)}

Moms always taught me to be up to any challenge. I accepted the Bloggers challenge made by Passionate Woman CS for bloggers to make fun facts, confessions & lessons! Check it out!

  1. I like to dance..almost anywhere & anytime 
  2. I love to sing ( just turn the music up so you can't hear me) lol
  3. I want a house in the country w/a white picket fence 
  4. I love seafood..shrimp, lobster, crab legs, craw-fish, crab cakes "you naaaame it"
  5. I am good at sewing. I taught myself to sew pants, skirts and shirts with no pattern
  6. My dream job was a firefighter (#3 in Confessions is why I'm not) lol
  7. I want 3
  8. I like to swim

  1. I think I like someone (lol)
  2. I'm scared of heights
  3. I'm claustrophobic (why I could never be a fire fighter)
  4. I'm a Gemini, yes the two different personalities are true, but the personality that stays the same is the one that loves deep.
  5. I'm spoiled...THERE I FINALLY SAID IT
  6. Everyone around me thinks I'm conceited when I'm just aware of my beauty.
  7. Everyone thinks I'm mean but I always come from a place of love (no matter how it comes off)
  8. Once my mind is made, it can't be changed.
  9. I am passionate, protective and crazy over my daughter!

  1. Be careful who you have children with! 
  2. Everything isn't for everyone, if it works for them..or you then that is all that matters.
  3. Always do whats best for you, no matter how bad you think you want it! If it doesn't feel right it isn't right!
  4. Treat others how you want to be treated.
  5. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS love yourself!!!
  6. Need those who need you!! Can't stress that enough, those leeches, and Debbie downers, lumps on the logs, leave them to themselves.
  7. P.US.H.....Pray Until Something Happens! It works!
  8. Be honest at all times. I don't know about any of you but it bothers me to keep the truth. The truth shall set you free!!
  9. Work hard, play harder.
  10. You're never too old to learn!

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