So as most of you may know, God allowed Riley to see another year on April 30, 2018! Help me wish her a happy belated birthday!!


There is no better feeling than your child having faith in you!
 Riley expected to be in Georgia for her birthday, although that wasn't happening right now,
we all knew I wouldn't dare miss her birthday for anything in this world. 
The Suspense killed me for weeks, the butterflies fluttered on a daily & made me more and more anxious to surprise my Bae for her birthday weekend! Heeeeey!

The joy, and excitement between the two of us was heart warming.
 My baby couldn't believe that I was there. She told me every 5 minutes 
"Mama I been missing you so much"

All year Riley has been asking for weave for her birthday, I'm not sure why honestly lol. But we all know what Bae wants Bae gets. So I had to figure out a good kids style that won't put too much strain on her hair. 

Check out her little clip under our Vlog tab!!

We had so much fun, from the newly renovated bowling alley to the skating rink. 
 My child is so funny, the only kid I know that asks to do things but then is scared to do it. Any kid would be happy to be able to drive a bumper cart alone but not my kid, if I couldn't drive her she was not up for it! Despite her fears, even skating, I encouraged her to keep trying and we had a BALL!

All I can say is surprise was a 100% success! Her reactions, and affection says so! I'm grateful for her being here another year and I'm grateful for being able to be there for it!!


So once again baby happy birthday to you! I'm so happy to be the chosen one to love you, nurture you, protect you, guide you, teach you, encourage you and support you!!
The car ride to the airport was bittersweet but with that amazing spirit on my side, I keep a smile on my face because she is such a joy!
Thank you for those who shared the celebration! Until next time!!

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