Mommy Blues


Mommy Blues

There are different shades of blue. To me, they all speak different languages. The shades are saying different things. Lately I've had the mommy blues and the blue I've been seeing is royal blue. To me Royal isn't too far from midnight but it has it's own little shine to wear it isn't too dark.

What is "mommy blues?" 
You ever heard of postpartum depression? Of course you have, in case you don't know the technical definition,
"depression suffered following childbirth due to hormonal changes & psychological adjustment to mothering."
Where as "mommy blues" is the psychological adjustment to not being able to mother. That's the best way I can put it.

Transitions can be very hard to adjust to mentally. The habits & instincts that were created as your new lifestyle has automatically slowed down. It's hard being at the end of the map and parenting through a phone screen. There are hugs that need to be given, needed kisses, and some well owed ass whooping to Ms Riley lol. No, but its hard not having that one to make you laugh all day, someone to teach, and yell at. Riley even helps me cook, with the laundry and cleaning up around the house. I have had a hard time just sitting around outside of work. 

The summer is coming up and some children will be venturing off with their other parents and some mommies may be going through the same thing. I'll tell you all about my "mommy-venture" to clear my "mommy-blues" and a few things that could help you too.

Prosperity Tour
I joined my sister, Terrace for an entrepreneur prosperity tour, run by the beautiful and fabulous Dr. Stacia & Ariana Pierce. (@Aritheheiress @StaciaPierce).
All I can say is, phenomenal! They touched subjects on social media marketing as well as manifesting! Great way to occupy my mind and actually invest my time in learning new and better ways to not only improve my life, but my business, and finances. All things in the long run that'll pave a way for Riley.

Buckhead Nail & Toe Spa
I finally was able to do what I've been seeing on the television for so long. I was able to relax and enjoy a deluxe pedicure while having glasses of wine. Every momy either needs, loves or deserves a glass of wine. The long hours I work caring for other I know I needed that. Doing things for yourself can help you to feel better about yourself. So thank you for the great service and such a beautiful and relaxing scene. Even though they almost refused to serve me wine (lol). They didn't think I was over 21 guys!

I recently took a hike up Stone Mountain. I have always wanted to hike, but my vision of one was just exploring through nature. Lets just say I damn near needed a harness. No but from the bottom to the top was something to strive for. The more I hiked through those rocks and trees, the more I referenced it to life. I kept having to tell myself,

"Keep going, don't stop, you can rest when you get to the top"
"A body a rest tends to stay at rest"
"If you don't use it you'll lose it"

But my sisters and I kept it up, until we made it to the top. Once up there, I was able to see the city, it's so amazing. Going up and going down cleared my mind of any and all stress and worries. It cleared the clouds trying to block my dreams. 


Pool Hall
I'm not the best nor will I pretend to be, but my sisters and me had fun sucking together (lol)!
We got margaritas, danced, shot some pool and grabbed about 3 dozen hot wings, which by the way were FIRE. Big ups to Mr. Cues because I never had any chicken like it!

Often times I find myself feeling bad, and I have people to remind me, but doing things without being able to do something for or with Riley bothers me. But honestly, am I supposed to be moping? This move was to make moves, can't be still I need to keep moving. 

So to any mothers who may be going through something similar here are a few things to free your mind.
  1. Pamper yourself
    • hot bubble bath
    • pedicure
    • manicure
    • facial (Walmart & family dollar has them no more than $5)
    • wash & style your hair
    • dress up
    • take yourself to dinner
  2. Exercise(stress relief)
    • walk
    • hike
    • bike ride
    • yoga
  3. Adventure
    • take a car ride
    • walk in the park
    • hike
    • fish
  4. Network
    • Nothing like being surrounded with love, happiness, support & positivity
  5. Prepare
    • meditate
    • plan
    • execute
    • affirm
I'm thankful to have had my sisters there to bring light to my life in the midst of it trying to become my darkness. I hope you all enjoyed todays post and hope you'll tune in again!
until next time!!


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