It is the one job of a parent to give your child a childhood that they don’t have to recover from. And if they have to, then you’ve messed up.
 But if you make mistakes, 
that's okay, because there's no instructional manual for being the perfect mother!

As a parent, there are many hats that need to be worn.
 It’s kind of like having a job! 
There are requirements you have to meet, rules to be followed and you have to maintain certain characteristics to effectively raise a child(ren).

We all may have different views and ways of raising children, some better than others.

So, the sooner Mother's Day approaches, I began to think.
 What does it mean to actually be a mother? 
To wear those many hats
What requires you to be a mother?

As a mother I am required to:

  • Give her all my love and all the love she lacks
  • Love her in ways she feels unloved
  • Protect her against those who try to harm her
  • Support her against those who doubt her
  • Encourage her against those who try to discourage her
  • Push her to try when everyone thinks she should give up
  • Hug her long and tight when she feels the weight of the world on her shoulders
  • Remind her of her beauty when others point out her flaws
  • Be understanding when the world doesn’t want to understand
  • Carry her hurt when she doesn’t understand she’s hurting
  • Encourage her stand up to intimidation, even if she is scared
  • Listen when no want wants to listen 
  • Accept how she feels & never get mad about it
    •  because they’re her feelings and she is allowed to feel how she feels!!
  • Allow her to be who she really is when others try and change what’s uncomfortable FOR them
  • Teach her what’s right, to always love herself and to always be respectful
  • Most importantly pray FOR her and WITH her!!!

You have to think about the many people in world already giving your kids a hard time, you definitely should not be one of them.

The past week or so I was thinking what does it mean to be a mother. 
You’d think it’s in a woman’s nature to be a good mother right?
 Not always the case. 
Sometimes you can’t be what you haven’t learned to be. 
How can you love when you’ve never been loved?
How can you be or show anything you’ve never seen or experienced? 

Despite all my mother went through growing up, 
she gave me all I could’ve asked for. 
From mental, to emotional, educational & financial.
 She taught me all she knew and did everything she could with what she knew. 
And when she didn't know, we learned together! 
She never gave up on me! 

So here’s to you my Queen!! To the best mother, the one who showed me how to be all that I am to my daughter. You are the world and you deserve nothing but blessings!!
 “4,5, crippled or blind I’m going down bout mine” 
(in your voice)

To my grandmothers for giving me the best hugs.
 The best kisses, the best meals and a lot of your money and shopping sprees(🤣) and most of all, your extra love!!

To my oldest sister, TeArra!
She held the pack down tight while mom was making it happen.
 Then she became a mother of he own and kicked me to the curb lmbo. 
Continue to be amazing sister! I love you! 
Happy Mother's Day!!

And even though it’s MOTHERS day,
 I would like to thank my baby,
Riley D.
For making me a mother!
I thank you for trusting in me, 
for having faith in me,
 for loving me in an exceptional way, 
and for seeing me through the perfect eyes!
 I thank you for accepting me as your mother!

On behalf of Bae & me, we would like to wish you all a Happy Mother’s Day 
to all of our wonderful and beautiful mothers!!!

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  1. Happy Mothers Day babe I love you!! And I Did NOT kick you 2 the curb


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