3 Days Of Riley; Day 3


3 days of Riley! 

In honor of my one and only princess turning 6, The age she's been waiting for. I will be doing "5 days of Riley" to tell you all each day until she turns 6 why I love Riley and how she's special to me!!! 

3. Determined

 One thing about my baby, is if you start with her she'll go all day. 
 There isn't one thing she won't try you on! 

And she will not stop until her goal is met. 
Rather it's her wanting the last word because she doesn't agree or her wanting to go somewhere or do something.

The disagreement one has got to be my favorite (sarcasm)

She will go up and down and all around the situation to try to fit it to her wanting.

 For example she'll pick out an outfit that she thinks is cute. It'll be some gray leggings with emojis all over them, and a gray shirt with black sleeves and 3 ladies on the front. She doesn't understand why she can't wear it if I taught her that gray goes with gray!

 Lmbo it's some battles I just can't win with her.
 But she's determined to wear it. She's determined to get all she asks for and she won't let you forget. 
She's been determined to make honor roll, she did that! She was sure to do her homework completely and always determined to get a good grade on her sight word tests! 
She was determined to learn to tie her shoes at (3) and she never gave up
She wanted to learn before I thought it was her time to learn but she didn't let my scale stop her. 
I always tell my baby, never give up and never stop trying! Because there are so many things I gave up on growing up, but she definitely has broken that curse.
The time you spend crying that you can't do it is time wasted that you could've been trying! If you're going to cry then Cry but keep trying baby girl! 
There is nothing too big or too small for you!!!


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