The Big Move



 In 2016, I moved back to my home town. But when I decided that I also decided that I would only be there for 2 years. 
I had no idea where I would be going at the end of those 2 years, but I knew I wouldn't be staying there.
 Don't get me wrong, I love my home town, but I knew there would soon be no chance for advancement and opportunities. The schools and businesses are closing, less sports and activities, no recreation nor any different places to choose from. Now while those circumstances are okay for some it was not okay for me and mine. 

While my mother did a hell of a job raising us, I just wish we were offered different opportunities or able to be involved in more. That's what I want for my daughter and I know she can't have that if I were to raise her there.

            I’ve been to many places before but none of those places gave the feeling Georgia did when I visited. Once I made my decision the first thing my mom said was “pick and set a date to be gone by, because if you just keep saying you’re leaving with no goal then you’ll procrastinate on leaving.” 

So, I set my date, February 24, 2018.

From that day forward I worked so much I lost track of myself and the time. I sacrificed a lot and was happy to say that I made my move happen with my hard earned coins! 

            I was down to my last week. I was done working, my movers and drivers were locked in, truck and storage had been rented and paid for, and all shut offs were scheduled for the 23rd, now let the critical packing begin.
 From sun up to sun down I was planning, packing and cleaning. I made sure me, my drivers and lastly my baby was all set before I hit the road. 

The only thing I was not prepared for was leaving my princess behind.
            I’ve moved before, but nothing as big as this move was for me, and I've never gone more than a few days without my baby.
 Not bringing her not only is allowing her to finish school but it’s giving me the opportunity to plant my seeds and struggle alone if needed, without having to worry as much.

 I give nothing but thanks to my mother, Ursula Taylor, because without her half of what I do wouldn’t be possible. She stepped in & stepped up for my daughter. My mother’s youngest “baby” will be 26, so for her to take on a 5-year-old shows a lot!

            This move has been nothing shy of amazing for me. Aside of being a mother this move has given me the best feeling ever. I will say though, the mental adjustment has been extremely hard. 
Some days I find myself sad and some days I’m even crying, but during it all I praised and thanked God daily! I prayed for strength! The strength to stay put. The strength to do better, the strength to be better for my daughter and to plant my feet so that I can bring her to her new home!

            I was able to land a job the day after being here. I’ve now been here a little over a month and it sometimes feels like months of nothing. Although everything isn’t in the order that I intended it to be, I still walk the steps that God ordered for me. I’m here to do better and be better so that our lives will flourish. If I continue to stick with his steps, I’ll soon see the fruits of my labor. 
Progress is a process!

{Sidebar: There is always a feeling you get when you begin to become uncomfortable in your circumstances. That means it’s time for a change. Time for a new way, a new route, and possibly even a new location. It’s a scary feeling but I’m telling you, it's ok, and it’s worth it.

 -Be scared but do it anyway
-T. Sherman

-The true value of something is determined by your willingness to sacrifice for it.
-M. Pruitt

Until Next Time!


  1. I absolutely love this post! Thank you for being so transparent! My relocation was not easy at all but it was worth sticking it out. Welcome to Georgia queen ❤️

  2. I love reading your blog. I can truly relate to the big move and the days that your sad and days that she’s a tear. Although my daughter moved with me, leaving my siblings and mother, those whom i am all so close to, it took a toll on me. I can truly say, on this day that the prior tears and missing family has molded me into a stronger individual and leaving Michigan was one of the best choices i could’ve made Bc their isn’t opportunities for advancement back home. Keep pushing and keep following your dreams and goals. Your such a great mother, friend and your website, blog, and clothing line is amazzzinngggg!! Can’t wait to read your next one Georgia ��


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