Affirmation Crisis!



 Back a few months ago, Riley and I sat down and created a page full of affirmations. As some may or may not know, affirmations are positive reminders, affirming who you are. We don’t remember to do them daily but we do them enough. So on this morning she asked to do them. She gets in the mirror and I begin:

“Who are you?”


“Riley who?”

In a soft tone, “Riley Danielle Sherman.”

“Let’s try this again! Who are you?”


“Riley who?”
“I don’t know what you mean”

I then quickly became frustrated. Who doesn’t know who they are right? Well I wanted her to say it like she meant it. So then she gets sad and drops a few tears. After giving her a few minutes we were back on track!

“Who are you?”

Loud and proudI’m Riley Danielle Sherman! I am beautiful! I am smart! I am kind!

          And her list goes on!
Later that day I’m explaining to my sister, Terrace, the incident. 

She’s like “you reacted all wrong. You getting frustrated defeats the purpose of the positive affirmations. 
You don’t want her scared to speak up and speak out because of fear she’ll be yelled at!”

My heart instantly dropped!

 I began to feel bad. 
Because the last thing I want to do is make her feel how I used to as a child; scared to speak out. I’m sure some parents can relate to the frustration of wanting your child to be better. No matter the yelling and frustration, I just want to prepare her for the world she’ll be entering. 
     It’s just the two of us and has been most of her life. I want her to be able to stand strong and stand firm. To be able to believe in herself and love herself. To be able to protect herself because Mommy won’t always be around.
     So I didn’t become frustrated because she did the affirmations wrong I became frustrated because I want her to speak confident, I want her to speak firm, I want her to speak life and most importantly, I want her to know and believe that she already IS and will ALWAYS be all of what she says she is
      There is no manual to this parenting thing and you often do things how you know how. I know I may not react the best as a parent but believe me when I say I try my best because the world we live in today is changing rapidly and I just want her to be able to make it!
                 Until next time!


  1. I loved this. I like the affirmations idea and i am going to start doing that with my babygirl.

  2. I have been working in this area in my life. Ive been praying for patience with my children and instead of yelling and cussing i speak life into them. It does get hard, but my pastor explained to me you cannot be in frustration and faith at the same time. Show me a perfect child and I'll show you a perfect parent; there is no such thing. We do the best we can with what we have

    1. Absolutely! Always do the best we can! My patience has gotten so much better trust me prayer works it’ll get better.


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