3 Days of Riley; Day 2


3 days of Riley!

In honor of my one and only princess turning 6, The age she's been waiting for. I will be doing "5 days of Riley" to tell you all each day until she turns 6 why I love Riley and how she's special to me!!! 


I never met anyone so inquisitive!
“Why? Why? Why? Why?”
But most of these “whys” all boil down to “because God made it that way” and I love that she always knows that!
Riley’s level of understanding amazes me. I’m not sure if it’s how I take my time and break it down for her or if she actually is just grasping a hold of everything. Some days I forget she is how old she is. Not only is she big as hell, {lol} but she’s smart as ever! 

She absorbs and observes almost everything!
{that is why I am extra careful about who & what she is exposed to}

Just like this move, she understands why I moved. She understands I want better for her and she believes I’ll give her better.

She loves to learn, fun learning though. Her mind clicks on all the things I show or teach her. And what neither of us know we learn together! That’s the best part. 
Being able to learn together! 
Some days she's the teacher!

You Rock RY!!!

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