3 Days Of Riley; Day 1


3 days of Riley! 

In honor of my one and only princess turning 6, The age she's been waiting for. I will be doing "3 days of Riley" to tell you all each day until she turns 6 why I love Riley and how she's special to me!!! 

1. Happiness

When I tell y'all that I don't have room for sadness or depression or anything other than happiness, I mean it! This girl is a ray of sunshine in a complete blackout.

 God had it destined for me to have her. From the moment I was confirmed 6 weeks and 4days pregnant, I was given nothing but joy!

 I was filled with happiness, love, joy and praise! There wasn't a moment throughout my pregnancy that I allowed anything to make me anything less than happy.
 God knew this little girl was meant for me, I literally prayed everyday for one, lol. I  had 2 girl names picked out& I hadn't even had an option for a boy, because I wasn't having one!

Riley gives me nothing but happiness

She's filled me and has given me a happiness never felt! 

I'm just so honored to be able to be the mother she deserves. I definitely won't ruin this blessing! I owe God my life!

 My mother always, ALWAYS tell us,
"No, I can't do no wrong because the first thing the enemy does is attack your children." 

And the last thing I need is for any of my mishaps, mistakes or ugly moments to rain down on the biggest blessing in my life! 

Riley is the brightest light on my darkest days. 
Her concern, and her compassion is heart melting! 
Her support replaces fear with eagerness & excitement, & her faith in me is through the rough.
 Her goofy personality is guaranteed to keep you laughing!!
 And her very high demand for physical engagement and affection shows me that I am her warm/safe place. Her comforter & protector, and that she loves and depends on me.
 You Rock Ry!
 Always be you baby, you'll bring nothing but happiness to whomever you cross paths with! 

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