What's with the bus? 1-18-2018


So this is one of those incidents where you want to freak out but you have to focus on what's really important. 

Here I am an hour and a half into my work shift and I'm getting a call from my baby's school. Looking at the phone like why are they calling, school is out and there is no half day tomorrow so there's no need for a reminder call. So I ended up answering it like maybe something is wrong.

"Hello Ms. Sherman, this is Ms. Such and Such calling from such and such about Riley Sherman."

Until I heard "Riley Sherman" I blanked out, because what about her if school was released over an hour ago? I do not even know the ladies name that called me.

"I'm calling because the bus has been at the bus stop for about 8 minutes and no one has come out the daycare to get her off. The aide called into the daycare and it kept going to the voicemail. Unfortunately the bus couldn't wait any longer and had to pull off."

So now there's this awkward pause and I'm thinking like ok lady get to the point where my daughter gets to where she should be in the hands of those I trust. Because shortly there would be a few chose words coming out of my mouth. But closing my eyes taking a deep breath and hearing my mother's voice I relaxed and calmly asked,
"So does the bus bring her back or are they doubling back to the school...?"
"Well the next stop would be the city bus station. And she can be picked up there."
(I hung up the phone)

Yes, their school is contracted with the city bus 🙄. So after hanging up the first thing I did was called the best mother in the world to rush to the rescue. The second thing I did was called that daycare to hear their excuse, because for the life of me I couldn't understand why the daycare and bus can't be on one accord. So now both my mom and daycare director are rushing to get there, there was an aide on the bus but she wasn't much help and that was besides the point. 
       A few minutes go by and I receive a call from my mom's phone,and I hear the best voice ever,
"Mommy, Nana got me"
With a smile I ask her "Are you ok?"
"Yes, I'm ok "
"Were you scared?"
"A little bit."
I can hear my mom in the background blurting out that she couldn't tell she was scared. It bothers me to think of her being in fear or feeling left or lost. Especially when no one is informing you to make you feel ok. There are many bad things happening in the world concerning children and no one will look after your own like you. I guess being hard on her about her affirmations have shown her how to be strong in some of your scariest moments. Even if you're faced with fear, never allow it to show. Always keep your focus, remain calm , and then laugh abut it later. [lol] 

                     Until next time!


  1. You’re such an inspiration and an amazing mother! I enjoyed reading both your blogs and looking forward to what’s to come! You and Riley’s relationship is so adorable! Congrats again ;-)


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