A New Year 01-07-2018


A New Year!
    To start off my year I took a trip to Atlanta, Georgia. The occasion was my sister's [] very first book launch and birthday, & might I add I was a very proud sister. Anyways, that week that I was there happened to be the longest that I have ever been away from my baby. Before leaving I prepped her because it is ridiculous how inseparable we are. So as I'm preparing she's beginning to notice that I'll really be leaving. I go to get my hair done and she is praising me to the most high on how beautiful I am. So once we get in the car she begins to whine about wanting her hair like mine, so what do I do? I do her hair to resemble a child's version of mine. Shortly after start applying my lashes and she is not happy about me getting all glammed up.

"How come you get to do your lashes and look pretty? I want to put on my makeup."

Yes she has makeup, it was on her Christmas list [lbs]. Although I stress how beautiful she already is, she is not buying it, she wants the whole nine yards. So I set up a little station for us together, and while I apply my lashes, she applies her makeup!

 Once she was finished, she felt a little better, but the questions started rolling in.

"Why do you want to leave me here?"
"Why can't I go with you?"
"So are you ok with leaving me here and going to Georgia?"

Our finishing touches

After laughing it off and answering the best I could, then I realized that I too was suffering with leaving her behind. Yes I've taken trips before but nothing more than three days. This was a five day tip! Lets just say there were a lot of phone calls placed between the two of us. I'm the mother my family calls "pathetic" (in a joking manner) due to the fact we act like we can't live with out one another. And here comes more questions.

"Mama do you want me or did you want to leave me?"
"Why you there?"
"When you coming to get me?"

Finally it's time to get home and I tried to surprise her but everyone told her. Since she likes playing games I hid from her (lol). She yelled my name, I peeked my head out and she just attacked me with hugs and kisses. Now anyone who has seen her knows she is, according to charts, "bigger than she should be," and standing next to me, we pretty much match up in height and weight [I'm exaggerating...kind of] but I let her lay all her weight on me, and then back to the regular program...talking mommy's ears off!

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