Hang On!



Please forgive me for I have neglected my blog! 
These past few weeks have been very exhausting for me.
But none the less I feel as complete as can be.

On June 11, 2018 my baby girl graduated kindergarten and was promoted to the first grade! She was given awards for her marvelous grades & test scores. Not only did she past her test, she exceeded her goals for the year. That is correct. My baby tested off the charts.

On June 12, Riley finally became a Georgia peach. The both of us couldn't be any more happier. The moment we arrived we signed our lease and tried to adapt to our changes.
I will be the first to admit and say that these adjustments have not been a piece of cake. I haven't even had to time to enjoy any cake (lol). 

I've been on go mode for the past month and haven't had the time to keep up with myself. One morning I'm dropping her off & all the uneasiness that has been hovering over me began to surface. I'm the kind of person it takes a while for me to come to terms with my emotions and realize how I feel, & what is exactly causing it. I was so busy, working, traveling, packing moving, unpacking, and working more that my mind & body were off track.

As I cried that morning, it was like the tears were projecting my worries.

"did you make the right move?"
"what will you do now?"
"who's going to look after Riley?"
"how will you balance life?"
Any fear or worry was falling all over my lap. 

So when I'm feeling down I resort to Jessica Reedy's, Transparent album and listen to "I Know" which references Jeremiah 29:11. Following that song the next one on the track really spoke to me. Her mother joined the track and the title is "Hold On."

"Hold on just a little while longer, be strong, because it's going to get better, don't quit"

Everything I endure is all a test of faith, & I wasn't created to worry or fear & God made sure he reminded me.

Here I was past obstacle number one, overwhelmed & filled with fears, worries, what ifs, & "I wonders." 
This move has been life changing for us, adapting has been a challenge, and coming to terms that I am 100% on my own has been a challenge as well. Not being able to have the convenience of my mother to be there for my baby. This shit is real lol but it's been worth it!

We gain victory through our faith & defeat the enemy!
(1John 5:14)

27 & Wingin' It


27 & Wingin' It
{I'm not yet 27, but I will be in 5 days (June 6)}

Moms always taught me to be up to any challenge. I accepted the Bloggers challenge made by Passionate Woman CS for bloggers to make fun facts, confessions & lessons! Check it out!

  1. I like to dance..almost anywhere & anytime 
  2. I love to sing ( just turn the music up so you can't hear me) lol
  3. I want a house in the country w/a white picket fence 
  4. I love seafood..shrimp, lobster, crab legs, craw-fish, crab cakes "you naaaame it"
  5. I am good at sewing. I taught myself to sew pants, skirts and shirts with no pattern
  6. My dream job was a firefighter (#3 in Confessions is why I'm not) lol
  7. I want 3
  8. I like to swim

  1. I think I like someone (lol)
  2. I'm scared of heights
  3. I'm claustrophobic (why I could never be a fire fighter)
  4. I'm a Gemini, yes the two different personalities are true, but the personality that stays the same is the one that loves deep.
  5. I'm spoiled...THERE I FINALLY SAID IT
  6. Everyone around me thinks I'm conceited when I'm just aware of my beauty.
  7. Everyone thinks I'm mean but I always come from a place of love (no matter how it comes off)
  8. Once my mind is made, it can't be changed.
  9. I am passionate, protective and crazy over my daughter!

  1. Be careful who you have children with! 
  2. Everything isn't for everyone, if it works for them..or you then that is all that matters.
  3. Always do whats best for you, no matter how bad you think you want it! If it doesn't feel right it isn't right!
  4. Treat others how you want to be treated.
  5. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS love yourself!!!
  6. Need those who need you!! Can't stress that enough, those leeches, and Debbie downers, lumps on the logs, leave them to themselves.
  7. P.US.H.....Pray Until Something Happens! It works!
  8. Be honest at all times. I don't know about any of you but it bothers me to keep the truth. The truth shall set you free!!
  9. Work hard, play harder.
  10. You're never too old to learn!

Mommy Blues


Mommy Blues

There are different shades of blue. To me, they all speak different languages. The shades are saying different things. Lately I've had the mommy blues and the blue I've been seeing is royal blue. To me Royal isn't too far from midnight but it has it's own little shine to wear it isn't too dark.

What is "mommy blues?" 
You ever heard of postpartum depression? Of course you have, in case you don't know the technical definition,
"depression suffered following childbirth due to hormonal changes & psychological adjustment to mothering."
Where as "mommy blues" is the psychological adjustment to not being able to mother. That's the best way I can put it.

Transitions can be very hard to adjust to mentally. The habits & instincts that were created as your new lifestyle has automatically slowed down. It's hard being at the end of the map and parenting through a phone screen. There are hugs that need to be given, needed kisses, and some well owed ass whooping to Ms Riley lol. No, but its hard not having that one to make you laugh all day, someone to teach, and yell at. Riley even helps me cook, with the laundry and cleaning up around the house. I have had a hard time just sitting around outside of work. 

The summer is coming up and some children will be venturing off with their other parents and some mommies may be going through the same thing. I'll tell you all about my "mommy-venture" to clear my "mommy-blues" and a few things that could help you too.

Prosperity Tour
I joined my sister, Terrace for an entrepreneur prosperity tour, run by the beautiful and fabulous Dr. Stacia & Ariana Pierce. (@Aritheheiress @StaciaPierce).
All I can say is, phenomenal! They touched subjects on social media marketing as well as manifesting! Great way to occupy my mind and actually invest my time in learning new and better ways to not only improve my life, but my business, and finances. All things in the long run that'll pave a way for Riley.

Buckhead Nail & Toe Spa
I finally was able to do what I've been seeing on the television for so long. I was able to relax and enjoy a deluxe pedicure while having glasses of wine. Every momy either needs, loves or deserves a glass of wine. The long hours I work caring for other I know I needed that. Doing things for yourself can help you to feel better about yourself. So thank you for the great service and such a beautiful and relaxing scene. Even though they almost refused to serve me wine (lol). They didn't think I was over 21 guys!

I recently took a hike up Stone Mountain. I have always wanted to hike, but my vision of one was just exploring through nature. Lets just say I damn near needed a harness. No but from the bottom to the top was something to strive for. The more I hiked through those rocks and trees, the more I referenced it to life. I kept having to tell myself,

"Keep going, don't stop, you can rest when you get to the top"
"A body a rest tends to stay at rest"
"If you don't use it you'll lose it"

But my sisters and I kept it up, until we made it to the top. Once up there, I was able to see the city, it's so amazing. Going up and going down cleared my mind of any and all stress and worries. It cleared the clouds trying to block my dreams. 


Pool Hall
I'm not the best nor will I pretend to be, but my sisters and me had fun sucking together (lol)!
We got margaritas, danced, shot some pool and grabbed about 3 dozen hot wings, which by the way were FIRE. Big ups to Mr. Cues because I never had any chicken like it!

Often times I find myself feeling bad, and I have people to remind me, but doing things without being able to do something for or with Riley bothers me. But honestly, am I supposed to be moping? This move was to make moves, can't be still I need to keep moving. 

So to any mothers who may be going through something similar here are a few things to free your mind.
  1. Pamper yourself
    • hot bubble bath
    • pedicure
    • manicure
    • facial (Walmart & family dollar has them no more than $5)
    • wash & style your hair
    • dress up
    • take yourself to dinner
  2. Exercise(stress relief)
    • walk
    • hike
    • bike ride
    • yoga
  3. Adventure
    • take a car ride
    • walk in the park
    • hike
    • fish
  4. Network
    • Nothing like being surrounded with love, happiness, support & positivity
  5. Prepare
    • meditate
    • plan
    • execute
    • affirm
I'm thankful to have had my sisters there to bring light to my life in the midst of it trying to become my darkness. I hope you all enjoyed todays post and hope you'll tune in again!
until next time!!




It is the one job of a parent to give your child a childhood that they don’t have to recover from. And if they have to, then you’ve messed up.
 But if you make mistakes, 
that's okay, because there's no instructional manual for being the perfect mother!

As a parent, there are many hats that need to be worn.
 It’s kind of like having a job! 
There are requirements you have to meet, rules to be followed and you have to maintain certain characteristics to effectively raise a child(ren).

We all may have different views and ways of raising children, some better than others.

So, the sooner Mother's Day approaches, I began to think.
 What does it mean to actually be a mother? 
To wear those many hats
What requires you to be a mother?

As a mother I am required to:

  • Give her all my love and all the love she lacks
  • Love her in ways she feels unloved
  • Protect her against those who try to harm her
  • Support her against those who doubt her
  • Encourage her against those who try to discourage her
  • Push her to try when everyone thinks she should give up
  • Hug her long and tight when she feels the weight of the world on her shoulders
  • Remind her of her beauty when others point out her flaws
  • Be understanding when the world doesn’t want to understand
  • Carry her hurt when she doesn’t understand she’s hurting
  • Encourage her stand up to intimidation, even if she is scared
  • Listen when no want wants to listen 
  • Accept how she feels & never get mad about it
    •  because they’re her feelings and she is allowed to feel how she feels!!
  • Allow her to be who she really is when others try and change what’s uncomfortable FOR them
  • Teach her what’s right, to always love herself and to always be respectful
  • Most importantly pray FOR her and WITH her!!!

You have to think about the many people in world already giving your kids a hard time, you definitely should not be one of them.

The past week or so I was thinking what does it mean to be a mother. 
You’d think it’s in a woman’s nature to be a good mother right?
 Not always the case. 
Sometimes you can’t be what you haven’t learned to be. 
How can you love when you’ve never been loved?
How can you be or show anything you’ve never seen or experienced? 

Despite all my mother went through growing up, 
she gave me all I could’ve asked for. 
From mental, to emotional, educational & financial.
 She taught me all she knew and did everything she could with what she knew. 
And when she didn't know, we learned together! 
She never gave up on me! 

So here’s to you my Queen!! To the best mother, the one who showed me how to be all that I am to my daughter. You are the world and you deserve nothing but blessings!!
 “4,5, crippled or blind I’m going down bout mine” 
(in your voice)

To my grandmothers for giving me the best hugs.
 The best kisses, the best meals and a lot of your money and shopping sprees(🤣) and most of all, your extra love!!

To my oldest sister, TeArra!
She held the pack down tight while mom was making it happen.
 Then she became a mother of he own and kicked me to the curb lmbo. 
Continue to be amazing sister! I love you! 
Happy Mother's Day!!

And even though it’s MOTHERS day,
 I would like to thank my baby,
Riley D.
For making me a mother!
I thank you for trusting in me, 
for having faith in me,
 for loving me in an exceptional way, 
and for seeing me through the perfect eyes!
 I thank you for accepting me as your mother!

On behalf of Bae & me, we would like to wish you all a Happy Mother’s Day 
to all of our wonderful and beautiful mothers!!!




So as most of you may know, God allowed Riley to see another year on April 30, 2018! Help me wish her a happy belated birthday!!


There is no better feeling than your child having faith in you!
 Riley expected to be in Georgia for her birthday, although that wasn't happening right now,
we all knew I wouldn't dare miss her birthday for anything in this world. 
The Suspense killed me for weeks, the butterflies fluttered on a daily & made me more and more anxious to surprise my Bae for her birthday weekend! Heeeeey!

The joy, and excitement between the two of us was heart warming.
 My baby couldn't believe that I was there. She told me every 5 minutes 
"Mama I been missing you so much"

All year Riley has been asking for weave for her birthday, I'm not sure why honestly lol. But we all know what Bae wants Bae gets. So I had to figure out a good kids style that won't put too much strain on her hair. 

Check out her little clip under our Vlog tab!!

We had so much fun, from the newly renovated bowling alley to the skating rink. 
 My child is so funny, the only kid I know that asks to do things but then is scared to do it. Any kid would be happy to be able to drive a bumper cart alone but not my kid, if I couldn't drive her she was not up for it! Despite her fears, even skating, I encouraged her to keep trying and we had a BALL!

All I can say is surprise was a 100% success! Her reactions, and affection says so! I'm grateful for her being here another year and I'm grateful for being able to be there for it!!


So once again baby happy birthday to you! I'm so happy to be the chosen one to love you, nurture you, protect you, guide you, teach you, encourage you and support you!!
The car ride to the airport was bittersweet but with that amazing spirit on my side, I keep a smile on my face because she is such a joy!
Thank you for those who shared the celebration! Until next time!!

3 Days Of Riley; Day 3

3 days of Riley! 

In honor of my one and only princess turning 6, The age she's been waiting for. I will be doing "5 days of Riley" to tell you all each day until she turns 6 why I love Riley and how she's special to me!!! 

3. Determined

 One thing about my baby, is if you start with her she'll go all day. 
 There isn't one thing she won't try you on! 

And she will not stop until her goal is met. 
Rather it's her wanting the last word because she doesn't agree or her wanting to go somewhere or do something.

The disagreement one has got to be my favorite (sarcasm)

She will go up and down and all around the situation to try to fit it to her wanting.

 For example she'll pick out an outfit that she thinks is cute. It'll be some gray leggings with emojis all over them, and a gray shirt with black sleeves and 3 ladies on the front. She doesn't understand why she can't wear it if I taught her that gray goes with gray!

 Lmbo it's some battles I just can't win with her.
 But she's determined to wear it. She's determined to get all she asks for and she won't let you forget. 
She's been determined to make honor roll, she did that! She was sure to do her homework completely and always determined to get a good grade on her sight word tests! 
She was determined to learn to tie her shoes at (3) and she never gave up
She wanted to learn before I thought it was her time to learn but she didn't let my scale stop her. 
I always tell my baby, never give up and never stop trying! Because there are so many things I gave up on growing up, but she definitely has broken that curse.
The time you spend crying that you can't do it is time wasted that you could've been trying! If you're going to cry then Cry but keep trying baby girl! 
There is nothing too big or too small for you!!!


3 Days of Riley; Day 2


3 days of Riley!

In honor of my one and only princess turning 6, The age she's been waiting for. I will be doing "5 days of Riley" to tell you all each day until she turns 6 why I love Riley and how she's special to me!!! 


I never met anyone so inquisitive!
“Why? Why? Why? Why?”
But most of these “whys” all boil down to “because God made it that way” and I love that she always knows that!
Riley’s level of understanding amazes me. I’m not sure if it’s how I take my time and break it down for her or if she actually is just grasping a hold of everything. Some days I forget she is how old she is. Not only is she big as hell, {lol} but she’s smart as ever! 

She absorbs and observes almost everything!
{that is why I am extra careful about who & what she is exposed to}

Just like this move, she understands why I moved. She understands I want better for her and she believes I’ll give her better.

She loves to learn, fun learning though. Her mind clicks on all the things I show or teach her. And what neither of us know we learn together! That’s the best part. 
Being able to learn together! 
Some days she's the teacher!

You Rock RY!!!
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